Trust Me

“Let not your heart be troubled … Believe God … Believe Me” (Jn.14:1 par).

Jesus was preparing His disciples for their greatest trial up to that moment. Within a few hours they would watch their Messiah brutally killed before their very eyes. Their dreams of a new world order would be shattered. Their hopes for new life — up in smoke. And what then?

“Trust Me. I know what I am doing.”

How hard it is to trust when things do not look like they will work out. And what if they do not? How do we trust when we have no way of knowing what will be?

What does it mean to trust at all? 

These are important questions. And we would do well to wrestle with God until we come to peace about them. Because it is one thing to trust God when things are going well. Or when things turn out well and we can look back and say, “It was good to trust Him.” 

But trust is not only about God making things go well for us in the way we want them to go. Trust is far more meaningful and personal than that. 

I do not mean to say that God is not responsive. Far from it. The truth is He is far more responsive than we normally believe He is. That is not the issue here. What I am speaking to are those times and places where what we wanted is no longer possible. When we have lost someone … or something … important to us, and after that our life is different. What does it mean to trust Him then?

I have no simple answers. Only that I know God is Good. Beyond our wildest dreams of good. And to trust Him means I want to be with Him and love Him and to be loved by Him, no matter what else is true about my life. No doubt trust means even more than that. But I must begin there. I cannot go further until I know in my heart that He is good.

I Love You God. No matter what.

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