Jan’s Prayer Ministry

I have been vocationally responding to God’s calling me to healing ministry and pastoral care since 1999. My focus is to help people find God’s Shalom rest in the midst of a difficult, toxic, and demanding world. Finding out that God wants our joy restored even more than we do and that He is good for it, has been a delightfully healing surprise for many I have walked with. I have worked with severely traumatized people, as well as those who have lost their way or gotten derailed somewhere along the line during their spiritual journey.

Through my ministry experiences, I have learned about how extensive the damage of deception and lies is to our understanding of our true identities and to a clear understanding of our Creator. I have learned much about the process of dissociation and the journey to wholeness. I have learned about healing in relation to wounds from the time of conception to the present moment. I have learned about how the body and the brain can be impacted during both the wounding and the healing process. I have learned about our natural rhythms of joy and shalom rest and about the return to joy when the natural flow is disrupted. And I have learned about maturity and the value of community in learning to live as we were created.

What I believe

Healing work is a holy endeavor and cannot be accomplished apart from the power and presence of God Himself. We offer our Creator a boatload of our sorrows (because He tells us that He is good for it and wants to hold onto burdens too big for us to bear). He is willing and able to increase our Identity of Promise when we offer Him what feels like our “identity” of past experiences. Our Identity of Promise is what God sees through His Eyes of Heaven as He views our lives from our conception to the present moment and forward into the eternity that He has promised us. When we have opened the space where the burdens used to be found, we have room for the Joy of the Lord as our strength. The “work” is being willing trust Him to go with us to painful, dark places (or at least to be willing to be made willing) for the purpose of letting Love’s Pure Light, Jesus Himself shine His Light of Truth into our deepest parts. This work is difficult due to the damage itself and also how our “truster” has been busted. Healing is the hardest work there is, and the only work I know that is truly worthy of the risk and the effort. And I have been amazed to discover that Immanuel Himself wants our healing even more than we do. Ah, the power of lies! And the greater power of Truth and Love!!!

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