Articles On the Edge

These are mostly articles that do not fit anywhere else, but I wanted to make them available.

The Lied-To Generation

You’ve heard of the Me-Generation, X-Gen, Y-Gen, Millennium-Gen, and perhaps a few others. But there’s also the Lied-To Generation. And they have a lot to be concerned about.

What Makes Counseling ‘Christian’ ?

Some Christian counseling is life-saving and life-changing. But there are some forms of Christian counseling that need to be abandoned.

Darwin is Not a Threat

A lot of Christians get worked up about evolution being taught, especially in terms of whether Darwin represents some kind of alternate explanation for life. The truth is, Darwin’s theories have nothing whatever to do with the origins of life.

What I Really Learned in Seminary

This is a partly tongue-in-cheek, partly serious reflection of my time in seminary and my thoughts about what awaits future students.

A Statement Regarding Abortion

I rarely address politically hot topics, but this is one I cannot ignore. There have been so many lies about this, most people no longer know what the discussion is about.

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