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Here are a few of the ways in which we can minister to your group or organization.
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Here are a few seminars David has held in the past.

Seminar: Hearing God

From 1 day to a weekend seminar, David trains your group on how to hear and discern God’s voice, how to engage with Him in conversational prayer, so that God can mentor us in our lives.

Seminar: Transformation by Design

From 1 day to a week long seminar on how to engage with God to change who we are from the inside out. This seminar is very different from most conventional approaches that attempt to achieve spiritual growth through a lot of effort, self-motivation and willpower. Includes a robust model of transformation and the many avenues God has given us to grow us up into the people He intends for us to become.

Seminar: Foundations of Spiritual Formation

From 1 day to a week of teaching and training, laying the foundations necessary for spiritual formation — how we are formed spiritual to become more and more like Jesus.