Kingdom Life

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We believe the areas outlined below are crucial to building a transformative relationship with God.

While there many elements to fruitfully pursuing spiritual formation, over the years we have identified a handful of extremely helpful and practical aspects to Kingdom Life that have proven to be foundational. So whereas our articles on Formational Theology address a number of important concepts that are central to spiritual formation, within this area of Kingdom Life we will attempt to provide the most important focal points we know of that can help us move forward in very practical ways. (Some articles will appear in both areas: Theology and Life).

Each of the areas below will be explored in separate articles.

How God is Involved The Nature of Engaging How We are Involved
Who God Is [sc:br]Grasping his love and goodness[sc:br][sc:br]What God Wants [sc:br]Grasping his mission[sc:br][sc:br]How God Works [sc:br]Grasping his desire to restore Conversational Prayer[sc:br]Conversations with God, hearing God's voice[sc:br][sc:br]Spiritual Practices [sc:br]How they actually help[sc:br][sc:br]Internal Healing [sc:br]Renewing our minds and hearts[sc:br][sc:br]Being Mentored by God [sc:br]The Holy spirit loves to teach[sc:br][sc:br]Connecting with Other People [sc:br]Sharing our stories[sc:br][sc:br]Being Transparent [sc:br]Search me O God[sc:br][sc:br]Trusting God[sc:br]It's harder than it looks! Being Intentional[sc:br]Knowing how I am involved[sc:br][sc:br]Paying Attention [sc:br]Discerning our steps[sc:br][sc:br]Receiving Instead of Achieving [sc:br]Grace instead of willpower[sc:br][sc:br]What Participation Looks Like [sc:br]Balancing our part and God's part[sc:br][sc:br]Finding our Life-Giving Task [sc:br]The main characteristic of our heart[sc:br][sc:br]Emotional Maturity [sc:br]The other side of growth

If at first glance this seems like an overwhelming list, please rest assured that you are not required to master any of them! These are all areas in which we need to grow throughout our lifetime. We will never arrive at a place where we have nothing left to discover or experience in any aspect of spiritual growth. God is infinite. So we will never be done growing up in Him.

What we want you to know is that God always has more to reveal to us, more to lead us into. That's Good News! Enjoy your journey!