Trust Me

“Let not your heart be troubled. Trust Me. Trust God.” (Jn.14:1)

I recently discovered a part of my heart that wasn’t very trusting. In fact, quite the opposite. That part of me was convinced that nothing good could come of anything. I wanted to ask, how do I trust God when I don’t believe any good will come of it.

Paul says that if God and Jesus were so amazingly good that They rescued us, cleansed us from our sin identity, and took us into Their family — at great cost to Themselves! — when we were still alienated from Them, then how much more will They love us now that we belong to Them! (Rom.5:8).

Sort of puts things in perspective. [Selah]

I can trust You with my life, God, because you already saved me. You gave everything to make me your child. “Who or what else could separate me from Your love?” (Rom.8).

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