The Best Wine

I’ve read the story about the wedding at Cana many times (John 2), and frankly, have often thought of it as kind of a lame miracle. No one seems to be helped, beyond saving the head waiter some embarrassment. And people probably got a little more inebriated. In fact, it seems more like a parlor trick than an act worthy of the Son of God.

But perhaps it reveals to us something of God’s style …

First (and perhaps hard for some of us to hear), it tells us that Jesus actually enjoys a good celebration — even when it includes a little liquid fun. (OK, now you’ve gone too far!)

But more importantly, “He saves the best wine for the end!”

When Jesus came to earth, He brought New Wine (Joel 2:19; Mt.9:17). When He broke bread at the Last Supper, He told His disciples that the wine was now the blood of a new covenant, and not the original Passover wine.

There are many (very vocal) teachers today who would tell us that this New Wine is going to go sour in the last days, and that Jesus will have to rapture a rag tag remnant of the barely faithful just before they expire completely.

But Jesus saves the Best Wine for last! A glorious future awaits those who seek first the Kingdom of God. While evil grows stronger and humanity sinks lower, the Children of the Kingdom will be drinking the Best of the Best, and “shine as lights in the world”!

Jesus promised us that it would be to our benefit if He went to be with the Father. And there are several good reasons why that was true. But what it could not mean was that we would eventually run out of steam and be on the verge of spiritual collapse at the end of the age.

That’s just not His style!

“Do whatever He tells you,” Mary says. Because He is saving the Best for last!

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