Sometimes we hear the word “savior” so much that its meaning and force become diminished or lost to us. It sounds like a synonym for “Jesus” and we forget how much we needed to be rescued.

Our popular movies and stories are filled with saviors of all kinds, from MacGyver to Agent 007 to Superman. We love seeing them defeat the bad guys and rescue the innocent from certain disaster. But what all of these saviors have in common is that they can only rescue us from people or circumstances which are external to us.

What we need most, of course, is to be rescued from what is inside us. Our own heart and mind can be our greatest peril. Our beliefs about who we are and how we matter can defeat us before we even begin. Our view of life and the world can lead us down a path that ends in emptiness or misery. Our own self-centered, self-indulgence can literally destroy our life.

We need a Savior.

And may we never forget what that really means.

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