Our Need to Be Known

More than anything else, we need to be known and loved at the same time by the same person.

Curt Thompson (The Anatomy of the Soul) nailed this one beautifully. We need to be known. It is the foundation for our entire identity as a person of value and substance. More and more this truth is becoming clear to me, as I continue to seek out God for the issues that plague me the most. Whenever it comes down to my need for God to be with me, and how much I need His love and care, I am reminded that I am known by Him, and He is good.

I felt led to paraphrase some of Psalm 139 as a way of underscoring what the song writer knew:

“O Lord, You have known more about me than anyone, even me. You know my movements, my thoughts, my quirks, and my very soul. You even know what I’m thinking before I do, and why I’m thinking those things, and what they mean. Before I say a word, You know what it will be. You are so close, You surround me with your very presence and lay Your hand of blessing on my heart and my body. This is more than I can comprehend or take in. It is bigger than anything I can imagine.” (Ps.139:1-6)

I need to let that sink in.

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