New RSS feeder

We have added some new downloads and also created an RSS feed for those who would like to be notified of new posts.

If you are familiar with RSS and already have a favorite reader, simply right click on the RSS link, copy the link address and create a new feed in your RSS reader (FYI, the rest of this post is about RSS readers).

If you are unfamiliar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) you can think of it as a distant cousin to email — in this case you get a little notice whenever something changes on a favorite website. You decide what websites you want to watch (like creating a subscription), and when something changes there a link to that new info gets added to your list of unread items. For example, every time I write a new post on, your reader will notify you in an unobtrusive manner that you have a new post to read and give you a direct link to the post. When you want to see all the new posts you have not read, you simply check with your RSS reader and click on the new links. Today a lot of sites offer these RSS feeds, so you can keep up on changes on a number of sites without having to manually go to each one to see what’s new.

To get started you need a reader. The easiest way is to add a reader extension to your browser. Visually, this means you will see a new icon in your browser toolbar, and it will change color or show the number of new feeds. When you click on it, you will see links to your unread items. To find an extension, do an internet search and look for “RSS feed reader” and your favorite browser. For example: Firefox rss feed reader. You will probably find several, so you may want to check out their screen shots and pick something that works for you. Follow their instructions to add the extension to your browser.

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