My Ways are Not Your Ways

I always tend to think of this phrase in grand gestures: God’s way is about redeeming the world or restoring souls. My way is to figure out how to have a career, buy a house, or save for the future.

But “way” probably refers more to how things are done, than what is done. My way is to worry about how to get things done today — Your way is to rest in Your Father and let go of what is unfinished.

Maybe even simpler. My way is to focus on the burn on my arm and to wish I had been more careful — Your way is for me to be grateful I can feel pain and move my arm away from the pan, and to rejoice that it will soon heal. My way is to feel overwhelmed at a task I need to do — Your way is for thank Your Father while You work.

You do everything in a manner the is not only foreign to me, but in a way that redeems Your time, Your energy, and Your relationships, and continues to foster life and health. Your way is to walk in Joy and Peace in all things. Your way is to trust Your Father. Your way is to be present in the ‘now’ while honoring the past and looking forward to what lies ahead. Your way is to regard how You are involved in what you do. Your way is to regard the good of others and how You can be of help to them.

I love Your ways! You are amazing! I am drawn to You and Your ways! Give me eyes to see and ears to hear Your Way in all my life, all my thoughts, all my day.

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