I’m Belonged to You, God

Every once in a while a phrase sticks in my head that is terrible grammar, but seems full of life — in part because it jars my senses a bit. Today it was, “I’m belonged to You, God!”

What makes this so life-giving for me is how it seems to move. “I belong” sounds so static. But “I’m belonged” feels like it has movement. Something really good has happened to me. It also has a child-like sound that feels fresh to me. This is how a 3-year-old might say they belong to their Daddy!

Most of all, it feels secure. It gets beneath the wounds of life, and tells me my God’s desire for me predates anything bad that ever happened to me. Before I thought nobody wanted me, before I believed I was all alone, before I felt rejected — in God’s heart, I belonged! I was safe in His thoughts, in His plans for my good, and in His intentions toward me.

“See what great love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called ‘Children of God’ — and we really are!” (1Jn.3:1)

Here’s what I put up on my wall to remind me:

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