How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place

“How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts!” (Ps.84:1). I cannot help but think of God dwelling within us, making us more and more into a lovely place to dwell (Jn.14-17).

But sometimes when I read this phrase, my reaction is more like, “How could my body/soul be a lovely place to dwell? It’s not all that lovely!” And I have to believe and remind myself that God does not move in to a lovely place, but rather, wherever He is, is lovely. And by moving in He makes it a lovely place.

So from the depths of my soul I cry, “Lord, make my body/soul into a place worthy of your presence! May Your presence in me become a process of beautification, of renovation, so that I may be more what You made me to be. For then one day of Your presence will be of more value to me than my entire life without You.”

Make Your Home in me, Lord God.

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