Highly Unlikely

Jesus invested His life in twelve unlikely men (The Voice, Introduction to 1 Corinthians).

Today we think of them as Apostles with a capital "A" or Saints with a capital "S". But we need to remember they began as smelly fishermen, a political subversive (zealot), a despised tax collector, one with weak faith (Thomas), and even a couple of whom we know almost nothing, like Bartholomew. Not what you would pick for a new venture of any kind, let alone to spearhead a new Kingdom.

Yet, here we are today, with about 1/3 of the world at least minimally acquainted with their message, and millions of people who are totally serious about living the way these men were taught by Jesus. I think Paul could see where this was going even in his day. He observed that "not many mighty, not many noble, not many 'winners' (according to the world's standards) have been chosen to be part of this world change" (1Cor.1). So that we would never miss who was actually behind all of this. Paul knew there was no way that the koinonia being formed was the work of human beings — it was the work of God Himself, invading our world with His goodness and hope.

I find great comfort in this truth, because I'm about as unqualified as any of those twelve. I guess that means I'm good to go!

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