He Will Hide Me In His Shelter

"For in the day of trouble he will hide me in his shelter" (Ps.27:5).

Every once in a while I need to feel more safe than I do. My fears creep in like an unwanted weedy vine, and I begin to feel uneasy, then anxious, and finally downright afraid. I worry about where things are going, and how to pay the bills and who will read those words I believe God has given me to put into print, and so on.

And when I begin to notice that my insecurity is growing too fast, I find a quiet place and find a psalm that speaks to my fear. Today it was Psalm 27. And as I wrote my prayer to God for Him to heal my fragile heart and protect me from myself and from those things that could harm me, I felt my body start to calm. I was reminded again that God is bigger than my fears; He is bigger than what I fear and bigger than any evil I could imagine. He cares.

As I think about this, it occurs to me how paradoxical my relationship with God has become. The more I come to know Him and rely on Him, the more I seem to need Him. I guess it makes sense, in a way. Because the same thing would happen if I had a house built on sand, and piece by piece I replaced the foundation with solid footings and cement blocks. I would become more and more aware of those parts of the building that were still sagging from lack of support. As I see how much difference it makes for places in my heart to be restored, I become more and more aware of those parts of me that are not yet renewed. Today I guess it was an anxious part that needed to hear His voice.

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