He Took It All Away

I was hit afresh this morning by the truth of what God did for us. He took all our guilt and shame and sin and ugliness out of our body and soul, and took it upon Himself, so that we could be free. Not for any justifiable reason — as if we deserved it or something — but just because He wanted us to live and not die.

I don't even have words for this, for what it means for Him to absorb and consume my evil, so it did not destroy me. That He would rather die from the evil I had done than live without me. He took from me all the terrible thoughts I have had, all the bad things I have done, all the good I have left undone, all my selfishness and neglect, all the guilt I've accumulated over my life — all if it — and took it into Himself, and destroyed it with His own death.

What an amazing God! What love! What hope!

And if He would do that to keep me alive when I was rotten, imagine what He is wanting to do to bring me into abundant life now that I have been cleansed of all my crud! (Rom.5:10) Wow!

Come, Lord God and fill my life with Your Good, Your Love, and Your Joy!

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