Good News About God

Often we hear the gospel presented as if it is mostly about us — our predicament, our sin, our eternal destiny. But that is only the setting for the gospel. The really Good News is about God! How much God loves us! How much Jesus gave for us! How much He wants to rescue us and transform us into sons and daughters of His kingdom.

In most of the New Testament passages that talk about salvation, God is the subject and we are the object. That is true not only of the individual sentences, but of the topic as a whole. The gospel is about a God who moved heaven and earth to rescue us from sin and self-destruction. Jesus' incarnation was a way to reveal to us the heart of God, His love and goodness toward us, as well as a way to identify with us and forge a path ahead of us.

Whenever the Romans announced "good news" (euengelion) about the most recent heir to the throne, their message was not about the general population; it was all about Caesar and what a wonderful person he was. A gospel message, by definition, is about a new King. And while this new gospel of Christ makes all the difference in the universe for us, it is only because of who this new King actually is and what He wants to do! That's the point of it.

The gospel is not an undeserved pardon from God's rage. It is Good News about a Loving God who has overcome death and hell and evil, in all its ugly forms, and who offers us a way of escape from our own self-destruction and into a life beyond our wildest dreams. God's wonderful goodness and grace is the best news ever!

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