God, Tell Me a Story!

God is a wonderful story teller!

Just listen to the parables of Jesus … or the beautiful poetry of the Psalms. Even Nathan’s story to David at his worst moment is wonderfully crafted. Also God’s response to Job’s distress.

Stories create and transmit meaning for us in ways that strict information cannot quite match.

And when God tells the stories of my own life, they have a totally different impact from the ways I might tell them. God’s version is redemptive. Hopeful. Life-giving. He knows what the tapestry looks like from the top side. He knows all the ways He has been involved and seeking to bring me closer to Himself.

Most of all, He enjoys being included in my story — especially when I intentionally look to Him for love and trust and hope.

I love how You tell my story God. How it ends with trees clapping their hands and the hills alive with music!

Let’s make the story even greater, God! And help me to write it well with Your hand over mine.

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