God is not Silent

"God is not silent, has never been silent." — A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God

When I try to convey the extent to which God's voice has changed my life, I am almost speechless. I am not the same person I was just fourteen years ago when I was still wandering around in a vast desert wasteland, wondering how in the world I would ever find the kind of life I had always believed should really be possible.

The great tragedy of it all was that I was taught early on in my Christian education that God had stopped talking after the books of the New Testament were written. And even when I belonged to churches that no longer made such explicit statements, they seemed to act as if that were true by their continued silence regarding the possibility of hearing God speak into our lives. In a very real sense, I was left to my own grasp of theology and my efforts to live up to what I thought were God's expectations of me. The problem was that my best ideas and best efforts were no match for life in general — let alone the life I had, with all the baggage from my past.

Discovering God still speaks has totally changed my life! At first, it was mostly about Him turning many of my old wounds inside out and destroying their power in my life. Every time He re-interpreted one of those events, it felt like a thousand pounds was lifted off my soul. Just the sheer joy of knowing I could get free of all that pain was more than enough to revamp my whole outlook on life — even though there were still many more wounds yet to be addressed.

Then I began to discover how He could feed my soul day by day, as I learned how to spend time with Him in conversational prayer. He awakened my heart to the Scriptures, and the words would leap off the page and grab my attention. He ministered me daily, and taught me how to listen as He mentored me in His way of life.

As time went on, He revealed more of His love, more of His heart to me, and more of what it means for me to be "in Him." I truly wish I could express this better in words, but there is no way to capture real experience on paper. 

All I can say is, "God is not silent. He has never been silent." Seek Him with your whole heart, and find Him to be more real than the things you see with your eyes.

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