Fret Not?

Often when I read the news, I am distressed by the mess the world is in and the direction things seem to be going. Most upsetting of all to me is  the political mess in our nation’s capitol, where they seem to be incapable of solving even the most basic problems, such as how to stop throwing away our future, or how to care more about the nation than the next election, or how to stop lying to the American public.

So when I read, “Let not your heart be troubled” (John 15) or “Fret not” (Psalm 37), I have to ask, How is that possible? How do I trust You, God, when all of the foundations around me are crumbling? But as I set with that thought for a few minutes, I hear Peter’s response in my ears:

“Where else would we go? You are the only one who has the words of life!”

Where else can I turn for comfort? If it is security I am looking for, all I can count on is God. I may want to work toward a few solutions here, and I may especially want to be involved in helping to relieve suffering around me. But if I make the mistake of waiting for the system to make me feel safe and secure, I am going be in for more anxiety than I can stand.

“Not as the world tries to give peace, I give to you.” Don’t expect it there. “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

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