Experiencing Our Relationship

It bears repeating that a closer relationship with God is not merely an abstraction or a statement about our official standing with Him, but something we actually experience. Often we hear Christian leaders tell us that we should not go on feelings because God is present whether or not we are aware of it. They are correct insofar as our feelings do not dictate reality. And yes, God is with us whether or not we feel anything. But a relationship that we are rarely aware of is not much of a relationship! That is more like an association we might have due to some contractual arrangement. Calling that a relationship lowers our expectation and diminishes our hope.

Discovering how much He wants to be with us, how glad He is to be with us is all part of getting to know God … In spending time with God we learn how to abide with Him and know experientially that He is with us. The continual presence of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father is our birthright. The more we make time to engage with Him intentionally, the more we will be able to sense His presence with us throughout the day.

— this is an excerpt from Forming: A Work of Grace

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