Being Critical

It occurred to me that a lot of the material I write is often critical of Christian organizations today, and that some people might these comments too harsh. My intent here is to bring to light what we all need in order to move forward as a Body. Most of what the church has been teaching for the last few hundred years has been deeply influenced by our Western Education model and a misunderstanding of how God is involved in our lives. And while I will write a lot about how I believe God wants to interact with us, it also seems necessary from time to time to call attention to the elephant in the room or to be the one to say, “The emperor has no clothes!”

So if I occasionally sound like I am ranting, please hear me out. I am not trying to offend anyone. My hope is to examine some of the mistakes of the past so we can correct our course and move toward God with more wisdom and discernment.

Please also note that I do not claim to have any unique perspective — my theological approach is generally accepted among Christians who teach and write about Christian formation.

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