A View from Above

We all know that we generally see things from our own perspective, first and foremost. Only with some effort do we view things from another person’s vantage point. We even do this when thinking about the spiritual life — how to wrestle with our sin; what we should do or not do; and so on. After that, we consider how God might be involved in helping us with those areas. But what if we started with God’s point of view, and then thought about how we might be involved in His perspective?

Here is how I think God might have thought about us …

“I see a world gone astray — all have done what seems right in their own eyes — for they do not know Me. So I Myself will come to them and live among them and reveal Myself to them — and call them to Myself, so that I may live among them always … teaching them how to observe My ways — but more importantly — purifying their hearts and minds to live as I made them to live, and to be with Me and love Me as I love them.

I will even take the evil and death and hell that is upon them, take it into My own body and destroy it forever, so they can be free to become My children in true righteousness and love. This is how the creation was meant to be.

Then they will want to share their new way of life with those outside the gates, and invite as many as will come to join us. And they will seek Me with all their heart and soul and mind. And they will love one another as I have loved them.

Then one day we will destroy all that remains of evil and transform their bodies into vessels of light.”

This is our hope, which John captures beautifully — “And everyone who has this hope in them is already in the process of becoming more like Him” (1Jn.3:3).

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