A Sad Day for New York

The government of New York has gone too far. On Monday of this week the politicians of that state went to great extremes to showcase their depravity for all to see — and to celebrate their assault on life with all the gusto of throwing a party. Details will of course be altered and nuanced to make it sound like they are saving women’s rights, when in truth they are endangering women more than ever — moral sensibilities be damned. 

I will not attempt to reiterate here all of the reasons why abortion on demand should be banned forever. The reasons for protecting unborn children are legion, and it would take a book to give those reasons their due. Suffice it to say that anyone who has cared to examine the issue — whether ethically, medically, biologically, philosophically, or theologically — anyone can tell you there is no rational defense for abortion on demand, let alone abortion up to the moment of birth. The only arguments in favor of abortion are either visceral (don’t tell me what to do), utilitarian (the end justifies the means), rooted in fear, or purely political. And while women need all the help they can get when their lives get turned upside down, anyone who wants to pretend that abortion is a solution has their fingers in their ears and is unable to hear either facts or sound reason.

To render legal, ten minutes before birth, what would be prosecutable ten minutes after birth has to be one of the most absurd twists of jurisprudence since the days when it was assumed under the law that those of African decent were subhuman. It is a denial of reason, morality, the dignity of human life, and above all, a denial of truth itself — a determined refusal to consider with any sense of integrity what this really means.

We have been trying for 46 years now to unmask the insane Supreme Court ruling that opened this door to hell. But it would appear that in New York, their preference for evil may have blinded them beyond reach.

A Sad Day for New York. Let us pray that their deadly intentions do not take root anywhere else.

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