The Coming True Story of Jan’s Life

Once upon a time . . . there was a girl born to a people/ a family who did not know what it took to grow her up whole. So she went through life with a lot of holes. And things and people slipped in and out of her – sometimes right though her to the other side. Her Creator, God watched this and it made Him sad that she could not live life abundantly like He’d hoped. So He set about to heal her and make her real and make her whole. He brought healing in little ways and big ways. He was faithful, steadfast, and kind-hearted, as well as powerful.

He restored her in ways she had never known, and she was able to experience life and love and joy and peace and hope in ways she had never guessed were possible. Soon God brought others into her path who had holes. She understood some of what they were facing and she looked to her Healer for help with their healing.

And her thoughts became more and more focused on light than on darkness. Her feelings lightened and she was able to feel more – more variety, more good and even more “bad.” But God surprised her by bringing good feelings out of bad ones. She was known for her love of Him and of others (including herself). She reached out to consent to the ways of her Maker, and she let go of the ways of her people and her past. Her body became stronger in the joy of the Lord and His shalom rest, as her spirit became more willing and more confident in His love and in His power. Her life was ultimately transformed from glory unto glory at the cellular and the soulular level. And she lived more and more in the Holy Kingdom, until one day she feasted at the banquet table with the King, and they lived abundantly ever after with a deep abiding joy.