A Course In Christian Formation

“The best course in Christian discipleship I’ve ever seen!”
— Pastor in North Carolina

“I wish someone would have taught me this 20 years ago!”
— Participant in Albany, NY


Forming is changing lives!

Experience a fresh, life-giving approach to spiritual growth and restoration that will jump-start your spiritual life and change forever your relationship with God.

Forming will show you how God changes lives, and how you can participate with Him to foster the changes in your heart and mind that you always believed should be possible.

Topics include:

  • What is Christian Formation?
  • How do we grow spiritually?
  • What is our part and what is God’s part in spiritual growth?
  • How is this different from traditional models of Christian discipleship?

Both seasoned believers as well as those new to the faith who have taken this course report that it has been one of the most important experiences of their entire Christian journey!

What some of our facilitators are saying:

“Our last class was today and it was bittersweet.  There was such excitement and enthusiasm about what was learned and experienced in this course.  The progression of group participation going deeper and more personal to the point of sharing fresh conversations with God was too awesome to describe.  We hated to part and go our own ways for the fall. David is a hero to us and highly regarded by the ladies in our group.”
— Linda, Jupiter, FL

“I can say in all honesty that the Forming class changed my life forever! The truth it shared and the lies it exposed brought me clarity regarding my spiritual life and struggles. The 12-week class consisted of teaching and practice exercises which served to open my eyes to the process of a relational experience with the Lord that was new and welcoming. I have shed my former misconceptions about how to hear from God and can enjoy the lifelong process of growing closer, allowing His gentle Spirit to guide me and teach me.”
— J.C., North Carolina

“God speaks … and He speaks to us personally. By going through the Forming class, I experienced freedom to trust Revelation of Him and His Word. A real relationship … like never before. It broke down religious walls in my heart and stopped a thousand “should’s” and “ought to’s”. I stopped working so hard to be a good Christian and found the joy of walking with the Spirit and being formed into the image of Christ. (A work in progress).”
— P.C., North Carolina

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