The Trouble with Obedience

cover imageIt’s Not What You Think!

Have you ever had trouble with Jesus’ commands?
How about …

Do good to those who hate you?
Pray for those who mistreat you?
Forgive seventy-times-seven?
Return good for evil?
Do not be anxious?

Did ever wonder … Why would Jesus raise the bar, if we already had trouble just keeping the Ten Commandments? How can he possibly expect us to do what He said to do?

The Trouble with Obedience is that we will never be able to do what Jesus said, unless we first grasp what it means to become an apprentice-disciple to an all-wise and loving Rabbi.

Unfortunately, the performance-driven climate dominating the Christian world today has all but eclipsed the true nature of obedience for even the most devout evangelical believers.

As we discover what Jesus meant when He talked about obedience, everything else He said about Kingdom life begins to make sense. Let’s learn from Jesus what it means to obey.

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