Statement of Faith

We affirm the historic Christian faith as summarized in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. Therefore, we believe God is the creator of all things, that He created humanity for relationship with Him, and that true life comes from being in relationship with God.

We believe the Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word, and as God’s revelation to us it is our primary basis for understanding who God is, as well as for understanding ultimate reality, both seen and unseen.

We believe that when humans ruptured their relationship with God, it resulted in spiritual, relational, intellectual, emotional, physical, and societal brokenness which is now experienced by all people. Scripture refers to this reality in many ways including: sin, bondage, spiritual sickness, and “the natural man.”

We believe that Jesus was God Incarnate. In order to rescue people from sin Jesus became the ultimate sin-offering, and by His death and resurrection He overcame sin and the powers of darkness, making it possible for people to be spiritually reborn and reconciled to God. Now for all who will confess their need for Him and who want Him to be their Lord, He will give to them new life, transfer them into His Kingdom of Light, and apprentice them as His disciples.

We believe the Holy Spirit indwells everyone who belongs to Christ. The Holy Spirit is our constant companion, sustainer and mentor for life. With proper help and training, we can learn how to interact with the Spirit of God in order to be formed more and more into the character of Jesus.

We believe God desires for all of His children to pursue life-long spiritual formation as apprentices of Jesus, which includes such things as growing in their interactive relationship with God, learning how to participate with God to transform their heart and mind, and seeking God’s inner healing wherever it is needed.

Updated Nov. 30, 2017