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Our goal with this website is to provide direction and resources for those who want to experience more of God and more of life in the Kingdom as God intended.

We were never meant to live the Christian life by willpower and self-effort. Knowing a lot about God is not enough — we need to get to know God Himself. God wants to actively engage with us, mentor us, heal the broken places in our lives, and build a relationship with us that is vibrant enough to change us from the inside out!

Forming: Change by Grace

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It’s Not What You Think!

Atonement Series!

David’s 3-part series on Atonement can be heard here >>> Atonement!

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Savior of the World  Jan 10

When Jesus was in Samaria (John 4) the people of the town realized at some point that He was indeed “the Savior of the world!” Not just a moral teacher or even the Jewish Messiah, but One who would rescue the entire planet.
Our world NEEDS saving!
Just look around….