Transformation by Design – Seminar

$ 24.95

Fully edited audio recording (with slides) of an amazing seminar held in October 2014 at Fellowship of Christ Church in Cary, NC.

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Transformation Demystified!

See how God designed transformation and how He means for us to be involved!

This USB drive comes with the complete seminar that was held in October 2014 in Cary, NC. All of the audio has been edited and matched with the PowerPoint slides used in the seminar to create an audio-visual experience. Seminar Booklet included (PDF). Presentations include:

  • A Model of Transformation — the Big Picture (1:24)
  • The Trouble with Obedience (0:25)
  • How Truth Can Transform Our Life (1:20)
  • Recovering the Real Gospel that Leads to Transformation (0:31)
  • Recovering Our Real Identity that Can Be Transformed (0:25)
  • Dealing With Sin in a Formational Context (0:18)
  • Four Foundations for Transformationally Sound Theology (0:07)

In total, about 4 and 1/2 hours of presentation material.

This Model of Transformation has many significant implications for the Christian world, which are discussed near the end of that presentation. The major areas covered include:

  • The Direct Causes of Transformation
  • How We Can Participate with those Direct Causes
  • Four Contexts that Foster this Process

The USB drive also contains a number of other helpful articles and resources by David Takle.


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