Forming: A Work of Grace

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Forming teaches Christians how to participate with God so that change happens from the inside out, not from “trying harder” to do the right things!

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This 390 page book is one of the most comprehensive works on the process of Christian growth and development you will find anywhere. Rather than approach the Christian life as a religion or a lifestyle that one might aspire to, Forming: A Work of Grace explains how we can live the abundant life Jesus taught, by building a relationship with God that is vibrant enough to change us from the inside out. Laying precept upon precept, Forming walks the reader through the paradigm shifts necessary in order to engage with God in ways that transform our heart and mind, so that we can become the people God created us to be.

My entire ministry is focused on helping people move away from a performance-based approach to the Christian life, and to move toward a functional relationship with God that is real enough and vibrant enough to change our heart and mind to be more Christ-like. This book lays out the theology and understanding that can open the door to this kind of life.

5-star review on — “Absolutely Brilliant..highly recommend!!

For those who are facilitating Forming groups with the DVD and workbooks, this volume provides you with the background and context to help you guide your group more confidently and more gracefully toward its intended goals. It will provide you with a much broader grasp of Formational theology than can be gleaned from the DVD’s alone.

“If we are going to actually grow and become more Christ-like, we have to stop trying to act like Jesus, and instead focus more on getting to know Jesus. Because only when the life of God is truly in us will we have any hope of that life coming out of us.”
Forming: A Work of Grace, 43

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1 review for Forming: A Work of Grace

  1. David Takle

    David Takle

    A review copied from Amazon

    This is one book I can not get away from and don’t want to. It is so basic 101 for the believer yet it’s so so deep. I keep going over each chapter again & again … most of all I hear Jesus as I listen to David Takle tell the story of his awakening to Grace, the Grace I never knew and have been looking for my whole life. David if you ever read this, know I would give you the biggest bear hug ever if we met. Thank you so much for your writtings it was “my time” to finally get it; now I need to live like I am loved by my heavenly Father.

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