Forming Video

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USB containing the all Forming course videos and Facilitator training videos (32GB).

Available ONLY for Australia locations!
(Price includes shipping)


This beautifully designed USB contains all the videos you will need in order to run a Forming group.

Forming is an experiential course in Christian spiritual formation, consisting of 12 sessions, each designed with a particular focus intended to deepen your relationship with God and to train you in how to participate with Him for ongoing life transformation from the inside out.

  1. Changing Our Mind About Change
  2. God is Relational
  3. Conversational Prayer (Focusing and Listening)
  4. Conversational Prayer (Discerning and Responding)
  5. Grace as a Means for Transformation
  6. Balancing God’s Part and Our Part
  7. What to Expect When Engaging with God
  8. Barriers to Engaging with God
  9. Renewing Our Mind
  10. Healing Our Identity and Self-Rejection
  11. Disarming Our Fear and Anxiety
  12. Two Kinds of Maturity

This USB also contains all of the Facilitator training videos.

  • Orientation
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Leading Group Discussions
  • Specific Areas of Focus for All 12 Sessions
  • Listening Prayer Demos

The USB also contains several free resources you can use to promote the course.

Please note.
Kingdom Formation can ONLY ship this USB to Australian addresses.
This USB is licensed for use ONLY within the country of Australia.
Price includes shipping from the U.S.

To order Forming┬áDVD’s in the U.S. or other countries, please visit Life Model Works.

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