Forming Course Description

Forming is a fresh, life-giving approach to spiritual growth and restoration that may be very different from what you have tried before!

Forming will show you how to build a relationship with God that is vibrant enough to bring about the changes in your heart and mind that you always believed should be possible.

“We have been using the ‘Forming’ course as part of our discipleship training at GraceLife Church for the past four years. From twenty-five people in the church foyer to four around a kitchen table; thirteen year-olds to eighty five year-olds; the outcomes have been similar. Christians at various stages of maturity have learned how to engage with God – personally, intimately, confidently, consistently – in ways that are transforming who we are not just what we do. This course has literally been life-giving, changing our expectation and experience of Immanuel, God with us. I can’t recommend it more highly!”

— Alison Pendergrast, GraceLife Church (Perth, Australia)

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Most Christians experience a significant period of growth immediately following their conversion that includes new insights, making new friends, perhaps changing some behaviors, and learning about the Christian lifestyle. After a few years, however, most find themselves in a place where their growth is slowing down and a level of discontent is setting in.

Forming will show you why this happens, and why we need to change our minds about how to engage with God in order to put real life back into your spiritual growth.

Forming consists of twelve 90-minute sessions, each with a particular focus intended to jump-start your spiritual life and help you develop greater intimacy with God. Insightful teaching is provided on the DVD;s, and relevant exercises are included in the workbook to help participants internalize the material and actually experience more of God. Over half of each session is devoted to exercises and group discussions.

Both seasoned believers as well as those new to the faith who have taken this course report that it has been one of the most important experiences of their entire Christian journey!

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