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Learning from Adam and Eve

Just wanted to share an excerpt from The Truth About Lies and Lies About Truth: Unfortunately, the real value of Adam and Eve’s story has long been obscured because we have focused on the outcome and minimized the process. Grenz

Is God in Control?

When bad things happen to us, one of the most common responses I hear from Christians is some form of the idea that we do not have to worry because “God is in control.” Now I agree that God is

The Gospel in Two Chairs

Here is a link to a fascinating picture of the Gospel, demonstrated by an active metaphor of two chairs. It takes a few minutes to watch, but it is truly worth the time. (You can skip the first 5:30 minutes

A Gospel of the Kingdom

I was struck today by how much the book of Colossians says about the Kingdom. It seems to be Paul's dominate theme in the letter. All throughout the text he uses Kingdom language to encourage and challenge his readers. "For


"According to the law, all things are cleansed with blood … but if the blood of lambs could have truly cleansed those who offered them, the people would have stopped making sacrifices. Now Jesus died once, because he has truly

The Only Way?

Jesus said, "I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me" (Jn:14:6). For many people, this is a real stumbling block. Often their objections are captured in a question like,

Good and Bad Side of Legalism

Warning: The following definition of legalism may upset some people. Legalism is not just "going through the motions" of the Christian life, nor is it only a problem in the church down the street which has more rules than we

The Myth of “Free” Will

When I was 23 years old. I was faced with a daunting decision. After having completed four years in the military, I had resumed my dream of pursuing a degree in theology from Bethel college in St. Paul. My year of studying

Having Begun in the Spirit

One of the most persistent myths in the church today is the belief that salvation is God's job and the Christian life is our job, as if the whole of the Christian life is something we do out of gratitude

Resident Aliens

In his first letter, the Apostle Peter twice refers to Christians as "aliens" on the earth. Given that Peter also believed Jesus had become King of the planet and that Christians are citizens of the new Kingdom Jesus inaugurated, his