Category: Restoration and Renewal

What About Sin?

Christians who are unfamiliar with spiritual formation sometimes wonder why we do not say more about sin and repentance. The reason is that Christian formation has a far broader understanding of repentance than is traditionally taught, and as such, deals

We Need a Bigger Box!

I am constantly amazed at my own self-made limitations on the goodness of God! Whenever I think I’ve let Him “out of the box” I had put Him in previously, I eventually find that I’ve only given Him a slightly

A Plea for Safety in Honesty

Having accepted Jesus into my life as a small child, I grew up in a church environment that exerted tremendous social pressure to look and behave in certain ways or risk the contempt and disgust of the larger group. In

Being in God’s Will

We don’t see them much any more, but when I was growing up we would often see special events where the speaker’s topic was, “How to know God’s will for your life.” You had to get there early, because the


I was really taken this morning by the opening phrase of Psalm 51: “Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love”

Making Renovations

Looking around our North Carolina house, we have done a lot of renovating since we bought it last December. Lots of stuff pulled up — like the 4 layers of linoleum in the kitchen, plus the wood layment, plus the cork tile

Unwelcome Redemption

A few weeks ago as I was trying to come to terms with a blinding wound from a friend of mine, I reached out to a dear prayer counselor friend for help. He listened for a long while as I

Someone Bigger than Us

As I was enjoying a beautiful North Carolina afternoon today, I was thinking about last December when the Santa Ana winds came tearing through Pasadena (where we lived at the time) knocking down a huge tree in our neighbor’s yard

The Prodigal Sons

So much has been written about this parable, it is hard to imagine that there is amy more to be said. But one day I put myself in their shoes for a while and some interesting things began to emerge