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To Love and Be Loved

Sometimes when we begin discovering how relational God truly is and how much He loves us, our neediness becomes incredibly evident, and we thirst for even more and more of God’s love for us. And that’s great! But we do

Being Jesus’ C.P.A.

I am in the process of slowly reading through David Benner’s wonderful book on prayer, Opening to God. Today as I read the chapter on Prayer as Being, he described several forms of prayer that focus more on connecting with

First Beatitude

“Blessed are the spiritually impoverished … because they are precisely the ones the kingdom is for!” (Mt.5:3, paraphrased)

Seeing the Cross from God’s Perspective

What if we viewed the cross more from God’s perspective? What did He really have in view when He planned this all out? What can we learn by attempting to see more of what God sees in the cross? This

Sacred Space

Under the Old Covenant, the Temple was a sacred place. Deep inside the Temple was the Holiest Place where the ark of the covenant was kept and where God Himself was present. An interesting question to consider — Did God

Next Year in Jerusalem

I just finished reading Exodus by Leon Uris, which is a historically-based fictional account of the founding of Israel. It was riveting. It was also sobering. More than anything, it highlighted major themes: (1) The world-wide anti-Semitism and preference for

Psalm 107 Rescue

What a beautiful tribute to God! This Psalm tells how God delivers and rescues us no matter where we are. The writer recounts four separate situations where people needed God’s help, and how He delivered them. “Some wanted in desert

Process vs Outcome

About 30 years ago while working with some friends in a recovery group, we hit on the idea that process is more important than outcome. That is, we realized that we actually had relatively little control over the outcome of

It Matters

In Psalm 42 David says, “My soul thirsts for God,” and then he adds, “For the Living God!” He does not long for an idea of God or an uninvolved God. He wants the God who is living and active


A Little Man with a Big Story. In the story of Zaccheus meeting Jesus, Luke gives us one of the most striking examples of transformation found anywhere. Here is this little man with very little character, who had embarked on