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What we need to know about Christian Formation


Almost every day we hear news that makes us wonder how long the world can last. And with very little effort we can find doomsday prophets who will predict with certainty that the end is near. Not that long ago

Christian Formation?

In churches all across the country, office doors are getting updated with new job titles. Instead of “Pastor of Discipleship” we now see “Pastor of Spiritual Formation”; the Christian Education department is now called the Department of Spiritual Formation; the

Why Do Christians Suffer for Doing Good?

All through the book of Acts we see the sufferings of Paul as he moves back and forth across the Roman world bring the gospel to Jews and Gentiles alike. At some point we have to wonder, “God … can’t

Healing Our Past

“Nothing can be done about the past. Just get over it and move on.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that over the years. Perhaps we can sympathize with the sentiment that it is not good

Forgiving: It’s Not About Them

When we think about forgiving someone who has wronged us, quite often we find it difficult not to dwell on the offense or our negative sense of the person. Consequently, we may also find it hard to let go of

Participation — A Key to Life in the Kingdom

Perhaps the single greatest problem Christians have had since the beginning of the church is that of participation with God. Nearly every mistake in discipleship or Christian living can be traced to mistaken approaches to participation. Just look at the

Confession — Part 4

In the previous post I discussed some of the problems regarding the common understanding of negative confessions. At the other end of the spectrum is a practice that is referred to as positive confession. Again, we need to be careful.

Confession — Part 3

In some places there is a teaching that we should never say out loud the things in our heart that we fear or that are faulty. Referred to as “negative confession,” these kinds of statements supposedly give power to the

A Life-Giving Task

From a developmental perspective, we all need to be needed. We all have an innate need to be of good to someone, to have a life-giving impact that makes a difference. Whether it has to do with helping our family

Fruit is Edible!

Often when we talk about the fruits of the Spirit, we frame the discussion in terms that make it sound as if fruit is an end point we arrive at — after which we simply are grateful for its production.