Author: David Takle

Author, speaker, apprentice.

Why Shepherds?

I so enjoyed this meditation from last year that I wanted to share it again. ================================================= In reading the story again this year I was really captivated by all the drama that surrounded people who otherwise would have continued to

Great Message from Alan Wright

Wanted to pass along an incredible message from Alan Wright of Reynolda Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem. I think it might be one of the most inspiring talks I have ever heard in regard to the prophetic words about the coming

The N-I-H Syndrome

In the early days of computer software development, nearly everything was proprietary. Everyone kept their methods and internal structures secret, and rejected most of what anyone else was doing. If we needed something we did not have, we designed it

God Speaks Today

Of all the things we need to learn as Christians, nothing comes close to learning how to pay attention to the Spirit of God and what He wants to communicate to us. Without His guidance and mentoring, we are virtually

Whose I Am

One of the most persistent problems that keep Christians from experiencing the abundant life is that of a distorted sense of identity. If we do not know who we are in Christ, then it is highly unlikely that we will

Excerpt from Transformation by Design

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1, An Invitation to Transformation. By the time I was nineteen I knew something was terribly wrong, not only in my own personal life, but in the way I had been led to

Trust Me

“Let not your heart be troubled … Believe God … Believe Me” (Jn.14:1 par). Jesus was preparing His disciples for their greatest trial up to that moment. Within a few hours they would watch their Messiah brutally killed before their

Introducing a New Book!

I’m so glad to say that we have a new book out, Transformation by Design! My hope for this book is to accomplish several goals: To map out the big picture of transformation: What causes transformation. How we are involved.

Trust Me

“Let not your heart be troubled. Trust Me. Trust God.” (Jn.14:1) I recently discovered a part of my heart that wasn’t very trusting. In fact, quite the opposite. That part of me was convinced that nothing good could come of

A Testimony of Grace

I just want to pass along a story that was posted on the website for Healing Center International about a person whose life has been transformed by engaging with God for healing. The story speaks for itself, so I will