Author: David Takle
Author, speaker, apprentice.

Why Not Hate?

Sometimes we are hurt or betrayed in ways that seem unforgivable to us. We might experience moments when we wish we could forgive, but the obstacles are way too big and we don’t get very far in letting go. We

About Time

We keep trying to put more things into less time. Perhaps we should consider putting more time into fewer things.

A Sad Day for New York

The government of New York has gone too far. On Monday of this week the politicians of that state went to great extremes to showcase their depravity for all to see — and to celebrate their assault on life with

The JOY of Obedience?

Seriously? Can obedience really be joyful? Is that some kind of attitude I’m supposed to add to my dutiful submission? Most of the time the word ‘obedience’ calls up images of drudgery, have-to’s, and a lot of determination. Here’s a

When the Christian Life Seems Out of Reach

(All of the following is from Dallas Willard, The Great Omission) If your neighbor is having trouble with his automobile, you might think he just got a lemon. And you might be right. But if you found out that he

God, Tell Me a Story!

God is a wonderful story teller! Just listen to the parables of Jesus … or the beautiful poetry of the Psalms. Even Nathan’s story to David at his worst moment is wonderfully crafted. Also God’s response to Job’s distress. Stories

Amazing Conference!

Save the Date!   May 4-5, 2018 for this incredible conference in McLean, Virginia “From Pieces to Peace” An Invitation to Whole-Hearted Living   Featuring: Curt Thompson is an expert in the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology and especially its application to Christian spiritual

Amazing View of the Cross

Ran across this incredible image of the cross in Sheila Walsh, In The Middle of the Mess. “Consider Christ’s ultimate weapon — His death on the cross. To the onlookers at Golgotha that day the cross looked like a defeat.

Orphan Christians

One of the great tragedies of the modern church is that so many Christians live like orphans. Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans … I will come to you … I will reveal myself to you” (Jn.14:18,21,28).

May 3-4-5 … Save the Date!

We are putting together an amazing conference that will be held in Mclean, VA! I will be joining Curt Thompson ( and Father Andrew Miller (HeartSync Ministries) for a 3 day conference on the integration of inner healing and spiritual